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Client testimonies & SAMPLES- RESUMES

"First I wasn’t sure then after speaking with the owner she was very friendly and understanding of how I wanted my resume built. She was able to deliver it within the same day and I was astonished. It was way better than expected and would like to say thanks again for the amazing help with my resume I would highly recommend her."

Jamal, Client for Professional Services - Resume + Cover Letter

"I have been in the market to change employment and knew that my approach to resume creation was outdated and in desperate need of an upgrade. So,  when TheBlu.code offered to create a resume for me I was overjoyed. Bryanna was very thorough and intricate in having me provide all of the pertinent information that was needed to catch the eye of potential employers. Her patience was so refreshing when she realized that I was handling other matters while working with her and understood I needed just a bit of hand holding. It is great that you can have someone listen to what you are trying to achieve in a project and are able to actualize your vision. If I ever need any help with any of their expert services, I will make sure that TheBlu.code is the first and only place I will turn to get the job done. Thank you, Bryanna. Thank you, TheBlu.code! You took an otherwise tedious task and actually made it fun! Let's all cheer for the continued success of TheBlu.code!!"

Aseenah, Client for Professional Services - Resume + Cover Letter


One resume tailored for your desired profession

Regular Service delivered in 2-3 days - $50

Expedited Service delivered in 1 day - $70

Customized resume template that you can customize for future resumes


Resume Services

One cover letter that highlights your successes, character development and progression.

Regular Service delivered in 2-3 days - $50

Expedited Service delivered in 1 day - $70

Customized cover letter template that you can customize for future cover letters


Cover Letter

Blu's Clues Package

In this customized package, those looking to find a job in their desired profession will be armed with the tools to stand out from their competition. This package is ideal for those who get tongue-tied during interviews, have extenuating circumstances, or just can't seem to secure a position.  

This package is  $185 and includes:

  • A resume and cover letter tailored for your area of profession

  • Interview Plan of Action: Two hour training that highlights the key qualities any employer is looking for, how to present yourself during an interview and get out of sticky situations, interview etiquette at the beginning and end of interviews, and guidance on how to navigate extenuating circumstances such as incarceration or extended periods of unemployment.

  • Customized follow up e-mail templates for post interview

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