Why You Need to Update your iPhone iOS

Software updates are important to maintain the quality of performance in any device. Apple in particular will constantly remind you to upgrade your iOS, or your Apple devices operating system, in order to ensure continuing functionality. When you don’t update your iPhone, a slew of issues can arise. In this article, we’ll go over common problems that form from not updating your iOS, how to automatically start updates with minimal effort, and how to find additional information on updates.

Problems From Not Updating Your Device

  1. App performance may decrease or crash entirely

Your favorite apps may lag, crash in the middle of use, or not open at all. When Apple releases a security update, most commonly referred to as a “patch”, the app developers are also required to release an update that is compatible with Apple’s patch. This requirement ensures that there are no weak spots that can be exploited. If not updated, Apple can target your app as a security threat and render it obsolete.

  1. You can’t see new Emojis

Ever scroll down your favorite social media app and wonder why you see boxes with questions marks in them? Those are Emojis that your phone isn’t able to process because you haven’t updated the iOS yet. Each update may release a new set of Emojis as an incentive to update your iOS. Who wants to see question marks all the time? It can be incredibly annoying to not know what Emojis are going on behind those question marks.

  1. Backing up Data

Our data is precious. Apple wants to ensure that our data is protected by reminding us daily to update. If you don’t update before backing up your data, Apple may require you to perform the update first. This may be inconvenient if you need to back your data up in a hurry, so be sure to update your devices as the updates come along.

How to Save Time With Automatic Updates

There’s a very simple and easy way to automatically update your iPhone’s iOS, and can even be done while you’re sleeping!

Simply charge your device, connect it to a reliable Wi-fi network, and let Apple do their thing. Sleep tight and enjoy your updated device in the A.M.

Make sure your device is set for automatic updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Automatic Updates and click Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates.

Details About Your Updates

Want to know exactly what your device is patching? Apple is happy to tell you. Simply click on Learn More or click the support link in the description to learn more about the latest security updates for all of Apple’s products.

Apple’s latest update, 14.4, included the following updates:

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