How & Why to Leverage Your Beauty & Fashion Videos (NO Youtube!)

Updated: Feb 23

Millennials and Gen-Z alike have changed what it means to make it to the big screen. Primitive aspirations were to make it to movie screen with thousands of eyes watching, but now the goal is to make it to movie screens with thousands of likes, subscribers, and views. Social media has assisted with this change of attitude to aspiring youtubers. They stress over analytics, views, subscribers, likes and dislikes, and shares. They hop on over to Best Buy or Amazon, buy some high-end camera they saw some other youtuber rave about, a ring light, or maybe even a full camera station. And that's all perfectly fine, except that they're taking money out of their mouth and putting it in somebody else's pockets.

Analytics rule the world. That's how almost all influencers get the deals they do - their analytics and influence speak for themselves. Youtubers can reasonably argue their analytics as well for brand deals, but why argue for someone else's piece of the pie? When you make money off of Youtube, you're not getting all the money you're earning.

It's also very confusing and annoying trying to constantly figure out how to hack the algorithm. Do you make your videos long, so you can place more ads on them? Or do you make your videos short, so readers won't get bored and you get longer watch times? Who knows when the ball isn't in your court? Let's not forget that any social media site can take down your page if you post content that doesn't align with their videos at any moment. Forget how hard you worked, trash those late nights, and I hope you have another copy of your videos somewhere on a hard-drive. Here's some reasons why and how-to's on how to leverage your own videos on your own website.

  1. Posting videos on your own platform (and by own platform I mean one that's in your name) improve website rankings which could convince investors to invest in your brand & companies to advertise on your website and video. This has the same concept as Youtube, except you get to see 100% of the advertising money and the control is in your hands.

  2. Add transcripts to your videos to boost SEO. By adding transcripts, more of your target audience is likely to be directed to your page from Google. Youtube allows a comment section for you to add commentary, and youtubers try to boost their own SEO within Youtube by adding relevant key words, similar to the way people use hashtags on Instagram. The longer your transcripts, the better chances you have of being on the first page of a search engine.

  3. Nowadays, social platforms don't remove you from their platform at first. Before anything they will shadow ban you, which basically means they hide your account and make it difficult for people to find you. This means losing viewers and ultimately money. Adding videos empowers you to post whatever content you'd like at any time. I suggest keeping to a same general theme and letting your viewers know what kind of content you will be talking about.

  4. There are plenty of widgets that get a full spectrum of analytics instead of only what Youtube wants to show you. For example, Wix shows me who's viewing my webpage and what time they are viewing it. For more advanced analytics, you can install heat maps to see where users clicked on your website.

  5. To free game or to not free game? That is the question. Nowadays major bizpreneurs make their revenue by offering premium content only offered in classes they host. Block off the best content (like direct how-to's) for people who want to pay that money.

  6. STOP trying to figure out algorithms. It's annoying, only benefits new features that the social media platform in question is trying to promote (we're looking at you, Instagram and those reels), and mainly has entrepreneurs scrambling for those same results they once had before. Algorithms can be okay - only when you're in control and you have millions of users using your own platform to promote theirs. Hopefully soon.

Hope this helps aspiring beautypreneurs take their power and capitalize off of it. If this article helped you or inspired you, do us a favor and share it!

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