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Updated: Feb 23

The lions, tigers, and bears have moved from the woods onto our very screens. There are many dangers when using the internet. There are scammers, bad and otherwise disorganized businesses, and time-wasters. One way to steer clear out of that neck of the woods is for companies to employ cohesive branding.


The trio no longer lurks in the shadows behind the trees, but instead lie behind the cursor on your computer. In 2020, it is beginning to become increasingly difficult to discern between a trustworthy brand and a fraudulent scammer. One way brands combat this confusion is with unified and cohesive branding. Allow visitors to make that first decision on trust instantly. Cohesive branding is the very first subliminal clue as to whether a brand is conscious of the thought that goes into their company.

If you browse popular websites, you will see there is uniform branding from the logos down to the very text in search boxes. Let’s use Facebook for an example. You have the blue and white logo with a letter in the middle. Throughout the entire website, you will see hues of blues paired with white or very similar colors. Facebook constantly sends subconscious signals to visitor’s neurons about what brand they need to visualize when they see blues and whites together. No lions, tigers, or bears here - only Facebook.

Now, let us imagine what a lion’s den would look like in the virtual capacity. Facebook would still have the effective blue and white logo. However, once you start clicking around on the website, there are a plethora of other colors bombarding you. From purple to red - it is a digital madhouse. Visitors will wonder if they are still Facebook, and consequently lose trust. This is not what you want for your brand.

By deciding and sticking to a unified set of fonts, color values, and sizes, businesses brand themselves in a memorable fashion.


You’re not out of the woods yet. Cohesive branding saves small businesses by stopping them from worrying constantly about small details. Why worry about what font, color, and size of text you are going to use when you already have it outlined? Simply apply your pre-designed material onto your body of work, then continue your journey through the woods.

As a business-owner, you are constantly faced with decisions. Some larger than others. Some catastrophically larger than the ones you previously thought would be the largest. Don’t waste your precious time on menial tasks. Be prepared to show up for your business by creating systems that save your time.


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