Black (and affordable) Fashion Brands that You Need to See for Yourself

Updated: Feb 23

With COVID-19 running rampant throughout American communities, and seemingly everything being shut down, a lot of people are wondering

“What’s the point of dressing up anymore?”

One thing that has helped me stay sane is to still get cute occasionally, just like when life was “normal” (will we ever get back to that?). As the CDC posted guidelines on potential risks of eating out, it’s safe to say going out to eat once in a while is okay, as long as the necessary precautions are followed. So once in a while I get dolled up so it looks like I’m actually loved. I do my hair, throw on some lashes, and next its time to pick out my outfit. Read below for some boutiques that will keep all eyes on you, even from 6 feet away.


This up and coming boutique offers a selection of in-style designs that will make you stand out in a good way. With a constant inventory that is always being populated with the latest trend, be sure to keep this online-store book marked. Check out my top picks from this online store and check them out for yourself.

Follow My Purple Diamond on Instagram and check out their website.


Ready to be boujie? Make sure you Shop Blvssom! With the latest luxury styles, this shop is the perfect stop for an affordable treat to yourself once in a while. Specializing in luxury designer apparel and accessories, Shop Blvssom has a promising start in the world of fashion. Their accessories give a refreshing twist to modern trends, serving authenticity right along with affordability. Who's getting me the Boss Sh♡t handbag? Not all at once.

Visit them on Instagram and visit their website.


Ready to get sexy? Significant other or not, Sholarin Co will give anybody an ego boost. When you're finished doing your Sunday self-care routine, fresh out the shower and lathered up in your favorite body butter, slide in your Sholarin Co lounge wear set. On a mission to boost self-confidence and self-worth in women across the world, this brand knows how to make you feel sexy.

Be sure to stop at their website and follow them on Instagram.


Cierra Strange's designs give a hybrid sense of 2000's fashion with today's trends. From string bikini bottoms to orange-pink lace up velvet tops, then to graffiti print joggers, experiencing this designers creations is like a blast from the past - in a good way. Strange not only has blasts from the past but also modern styles with the "Suzie" ruched flare pants. See what I mean at her website and her Instagram.

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