9 Ways to Market Your Beauty or Fashion Brand

Once I'm done making my clients brands beautiful, some ask me "Well, now I have my branding done. Now, how do I sell my products?" Over the years I've accumulated some tips that have helped me generate sales. From social media, to disposition, to my own processes - I've noted and explained some of my best-selling tips as well as some research I did online that stood out to me.

"Now, How Do I Sell My Products?"

Let's dive in:

1. Ask

Come out with some demos of how you would like your product to come out. Simply ask your friends and family who are in your target audience if the product or service appeals to them. Ask them if they would purchase it and why or why not. Perhaps it may not appeal to them enough to find their credit card, perhaps it's too heavy for their credit card, or maybe your presentation isn't up to par. Presentation and staging of your offer matters just as much as your offer. Get creative with your backgrounds and get to work! Some of my favorite and affordable backdrop sources are my local craft store, Walmart, etc. Use your resources!

2. Educate

You know how the saying goes: Education is key. If your clients don't know how your offer works, they won't purchase. Remember this: when your clients are confused, they do nothing. Keep these things in mind: does your offer appeal to a certain lifestyle? Cover these key basic points and be sure to add your own: What does your product do? How can it better their lives? What makes you stand out? How long does it take you to make each offer? What materials are they made out of? Is it ethically sourced? Are the ingredients eco-friendly?

"Remember this: when your clients are confused, they do nothing."

3. Personalize Your Product

Nobody wants to wear what everybody else is wearing. If I reached for a pretty coin and see the next woman down the street wearing it, I'm going to be annoyed (it's the brat in me). Can your product be personalized? Almost every product can, or at least should be. People take pride in the things they purchase, allow them to fully take pride. Using Shopify? Add the Product Personalizer to help you out! Using Wix? Use Product Configurator! Customization can open so many doors that will help your business. Which brings me to the next point...

4. Gift Your Items

Black Friday and Christmas season are right around the corner. Last year, Americans spent over 135.35 billion dollars just from holiday season sales, steadily increasing from the previous years. Somewhere in that 135.35 billion dollar pie is your piece, now you just have to work for it. Start thinking now about how you can start marketing your products as pleasant gifts: either from one person to another, or one person to themselves. Use the personalizers I mentioned above to add the perfect customized touch to your items that the recipients will love. For purchases, allow clients to add a little note that is cute and reinforces your brand.

"Somewhere in that 135.35 billion dollar pie is your piece, now you just have to work for it."

5. Mobile Compatibility

Is your website mobile-friendly? Mobile friendliness is the ability for users to browse and purchase from your website directly from their phones or other mobile devices. 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. Hold on though, simply having a website that users can do the bare minimum on and purchase from is not enough. Is it appealing to look at? If the way you present yourself online is downright ugly, that won't put too much faith in a potential client. The aesthetic of your brand should match the aesthetic of your website.

6. Funnels

Simply put, a funnel is the journey a client takes from just discovering your business to actually purchasing. No matter what, you must take charge of this journey. Thought must be put into each and every step, and here's one tip to consider for your business. Consider these different tactics for each funnel. Services require a more in depth connection between you and your target audience as there is a bit more required on both ends. It may be wiser to build a longer funnel for a more detailed journey, such as adding more educational elements to your website on how your service works or more personalized content so these clients can get a better understanding for who you are. But for products, the work is already done. Try channeling all traffic to your website and let clients go on an exploration (guided by you).

7. Follow (then Re-Create) Trends

I don't know how many times I've seen the same sunset shades of pink and orange recreated and slapped onto some product. That's one of the trends as summer closes out, and I've seen it on products such as nails all the way to lingerie. No shame in taking a little corner of the game and making it yours. Fashion brands big and small are known for taking trends and adding their own remix to them. Add your own personal touch to give your clients what they're looking for but to be unique as well. Just don't steal.

" If the way you present yourself online is downright ugly, that won't put too much faith in a potential client."

8. Excellent Customer Service

I don't know how many times I've gone out my way to support a small business and the customer service was terrible. As in the petty in me wanted to call the CEO of the company and report their company for unprofessionalism to fraud. From unwarranted attitude to ignorance of their offer, straight to lying - bad customer service will certainly leave a bad taste in my mouth. Clients do not need to spend their money with you, period. Act like you've earned that dollar. Have procedures that work for you for the intake process, outtake process, and everything in between.

9. Surveys

Do your clients actually like what you have to offer? To tell it like it is, people lie. Especially when you're right in their face asking them if they like your offer. More often than not people avoid telling service providers the truth directly in avoidance of some real awkward situations. Surveys are a great way for clientele to anonymously tell you how they truly feel, and you can also get a large number of responses in one survey. Ask your previously clientele what they liked, didn't like, and suggestions for the future. Ask your potential clients what are some of the things they liked to see, and what they would like to see going forward in order to secure their purchase. Here are some free survey creators: Surveymonkey, SoGoSurvey , ProProfs, or Google Surveys.

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