Scope of Work Requirements + Policy

Your project depends on prompt communication. In order to ensure TheBlu.Code meets our deadlines, we ask that all parties communicate effectively and professionally. Delays in communication will result in delays of service, and can include termination of the entirety of the project with no refunds. If there is a 72hr gap in communication from the client party your project is subject to be terminated with no refunds, client will surrender all designs and all properties curated since the signing of the contract. Please only communicate via text or email so our team can reference your communications. If there is any communication considered offensive, rude, demeaning, or condescending, TheBlu.Code reserves the right to cancel all projects with absolutely no refunds and client will forfeit all properties created during the project.

By purchasing, you agree to all of these conditions and the conditions that are outlined in your contract.


  • For any project under $500+tax, the deposit must be submitted in full. No exceptions.

  • Final projects/items will not be delivered until the final deposit is submitted.

  • Any projects over $500 must have a deposit of 50% upon starting, and full deposit submitted upon completion (all price range of products).


TheBlu.Code is a company that prides itself on helping small-businesses look professional and even better than major corporate companies. For this reason, we ask: 

  • Please submit all necessary documents and materials in the format we ask. This will help us with a large number of data input into your design. 


  • All pictures to be submitted for any project are professional. NO irrelevant items are to be in the pictures including but not limited to: filters, background scenery, or otherwise irrelevant content. TheBlu.Code reserves the right to turn away all pictures we deem unprofessional. There may be an added fee to edit pictures.

  • We ask that you only submit high quality images taken by a professional. If you think you have images that can pass, please send them to us for review. 


  • If you sell products, please create an excel recording of EVERY item. For example, if your brand sells bundles of hair, "Brazilian 10' Deepwave" and "Brazilian 10' Wavy" are two different products. Please include variations of one product as two different products. Please do not include comments such as "add $10 for Brazilian Deepwave", please do the math yourself and include it in the excel file.

Website Design

  • If you would like us to design/re-design a website, you must provide us with the appropriate log-in information that you would like us to perform in. 

  • The website, final designs, and all properties from the design will not be transferred/submitted if the deposit is not paid in full.

Apply to work with us. 

Packages start at $1,200 and can be split into payments.