Luxury Girl the Empire (LGTE) was just in its conception when TheBlu.Code was requested to brand the business. We sent over a questionnaire, and have had several strategy sessions to identify LGTE’s brand identity. After several sessions, we were able to narrow down the direction this beauty brand would go. 


With a sleek black background, LGTE stands out from predominantly white backgrounds that are common in the beauty industry. While still being sleek and crisp, clientele can still have a great shopping experience. Their elegant logo reflects the luxury and royalty that the brand embodies. 


This brand was also looking for social media collateral that will support organic marketing, and keep their growing customer-base engaged. We decided a Shopify website would be the best way to capture the traffic this new brand would generate, and utilize it to generate more leads. 


In order to establish a superb brand identity, LGTE also requested custom product photography that shows the elegance and uniqueness of this brand.